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Job offers

Mechanical Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. The design of mechanical equipment, including structural design, component selection, and output of design drawings;

2. Participate in product trial production, commissioning and conversion;

3, to solve the technical problems in the production and assembly process;

4, write related technical documentation.


1. College degree or above majoring in mechanical or mechanical and electrical integration; Proficiency in English;

2, more than 3 years of relevant design work experience;

3, proficient in mechanical transmission, hydraulic, pneumatic related knowledge; proficient in AutoCAD, Solidworks and other related technical software and office software;

4, the work is responsible and responsible, rigorous and meticulous, with good teamwork and communication skills.

5. If you meet the above conditions, please send your resume to 499322014@qq.com immediately

Recruitment fitters


1, Mechatronics or related professional secondary school education, will see mechanical drawings.

2. The work must be hard work and good health.

3, organic repair experience.

Welfare = Basic salary + bonus + project bonus + overtime fee + social security + end of year bonus

If the above conditions are met, please email us at 499322014@qq.com.